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These delicate yet striking earrings sparkle in the light and cast multi-colored hues when dangling. They look absolutely stunning!
Another example of my purchasing something from Missjew as a gift for someone else, and REALLY wanting to keep it for myself. Alas, this pair was the last one!.


This necklace is so sweet! I get so many compliments. I love it!


The piece is beautiful. I will say that the images are deceptive (showing multiple strands.) The piece is one thin strand that can be doubled to form something a bit longer that a choker . After thinking logically, I received exactly what I paid for. I would like to add another, to give it the full effect that the piece deserves. My wife and I are big fans of your style and plan to be frequent shoppers!


This necklace was everything I wanted it to be when I arrived with one little exception. The pendent itself is gold tone but the chain is silver. I would have preferred the chain match the pendent in color but the effect was subtle enough and I LOVE the overall look the necklace enough to forgive this small little personal preference. For the price, it's a steal!


A piece to die for. So happy that I got it everything is perfect. It looks even more beautiful (if that is possible) first hand. Thanks so much for always bringing so unique pieces of jewelry